Important Information
water rescueThe rescuer shoot with the line thrower the gripper with rope past the individual in distress and pulls it back towards the individual. The distressed individual can grab either the rope or the grippervideo line launcher and then be steadily pulled to safety by the rescuer.
In any rescue situation you should be aware of wind speed and direction and any water currents that may affect the victim as well as the gripper and rope when it lands near the victim. You should always aim for a point  past the victim and slightly upwind of the victim.


ice rescueFor ICE RESCUES have the victim put the gripper between their legs and and cross their legs on the disc. Then have them use their free hands to climb on the edge of the ice while you pull them up from a sitting position. The line thrower is working like a drag lift.

safety line
Line thrower is deploying safety lines for roof:
The line thrower launch the towing line for the safety line parallel to the roof.


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