Line Thrower:wild water rescueice resque       

Tool for waterrescue
Ice rescue, keeping the rescuer save.
To throw lines with the line thrower.
Line thrower is a essential equipment for police, firemen, boaters, fishermen, rescue squad, forestcompanies, construction builders etc.
For evacuation of ski lifts and amusement rides you can easily use the line thrower.
Working pressure: only a few bars, with a standard fill nipple. (No high pressure).

Benefits of the Line Thrower:

No need to go in the water. ( no drowning risk).
Line thrower has a variable shooting range up to 95 meters /104 yards. ( You can vary this distance ). You even can shoot a longer distance. Please contact for information.
Very precise shooting with the line thrower.
Also to use in ice resque situations.
Very fast and very simple.
Low prices.
Non-pyrotechnic pneumatic line thrower.  It does not require special storage shipping or licensing. 

 More information contact line thrower
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